Safety Tips for Buying and Selling on

These are Safety Tips for Buying and Selling on

At our aim is to bring the global market to you at the comfort of your home, and we have taken steps to ensure your safety while you buy and sell. Let’s run through our safety tips quickly.

*Escrow services: Incase you are wondering what an Escrow service is all about let’s break it down, Escrow service simply means that your money will be placed in our care until you confirm delivery of your goods. We work to ensure that your money is secured.


We have taken extra measures of verifying our sellers to eliminate the risk of being scammed. So when you buy from a verified seller you buy with confidence.
*Avoid letting your eyes rule your Brain. If something is too good to be true then it probably is, that doesn’t mean you should run away from amazing deals just make sure to apply your fifth sense when shopping.
*Never divulge your personal information to anyone, it’s a shopping site not a match making site..

Fraud And Scam Alert.
We at nextmarketday will not send emails requesting for your personal data, if you receive such an email make well to report to us and discard such. Do not click on any link so as not to expose your to scammers.

Tips for our sellers.
We advice that you give a detailed and accurate description of your products, let your products be true to description to avoid negative reviews.Ensure to be customer friendly, do not push anyone to patronise you.
When uploading your products make sure you have a good picture quality that makes your products stand out in order to attract buyers.

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We are at have appropriate channels where sellers pay for their subscriptions, so be weary of anyone who contacts for payment to help you boost your sales on the site. Our team is always working tirelessly to improve our security measures to help serve you better

Stay Safe NewMarketDay Fans!

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