How to export goods from Nigeria to other countries!

To export goods from Nigeria to other countries, there are some basic things that must e considered and nextmarketday has taken time to explain them one after the other. They are;

  1. Business Registration: Register your export business If you plan to do a serious business and also gain trust globally. You will need to register your company. For this, you should head to Corporate Affairs Commissions. It is important to do this because your customer will check CAC site for more detailed information about your company. If they do not find anything, they are not likely they will not agree to cooperate with you. Since Nigeria has a reputation of not being a very trustworthy country, you had better register your business so that you can win the customers’ trust. It is also important to have a Certificate of Incorporation and register at the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). This is done by anyone who plans to export non-oil products from Nigeria to other foreign countries. Registration in NEPC costs about N11,000. It takes about a month to get your company registered.
  2. Research: When it comes to exporting any products from Nigeria to other countries, you have to research everything about the country you are planning to export your products to , the export business, as well as the goods you plan to export. Doing a survey prior to shipping goods and starting your own business is a very reasonable decision. You must think about how quickly you can establish foreign contacts and find enough customers to sell your goods to. Research the market satiation and find the countries which will be the best to export to. Once you find it, think about advertisement and promotion of your product, contacts abroad that can help with your marketing etc. You also need to consider before starting the export business is cost. It is good to think about the cost of exporting products from Nigeria, which includes export duties. Calculate the cost and decide for yourself if you will be able to afford it. Another important stage of export business is no doubt the shipping. You have to decide on means of transportation you will need to use to export the goods. Research the most convenient shipping companies or cargo flights that are available in Nigeria. When you are done with transportation and market research, move to area of legal requirements. You need to find out what kind of documents you need and what are the conditions your company must adhere to. Also, pay attention to the certification process. Will the government require you to certify your goods or register them somehow? Remember to visit Nigerian Export Promotion Council for more professional support. If you know anyone that is doing the same business or plan to, it is always good to learn from them.
  3. Search for foreign customers: We all know that the most important people in business are not bosses, but customers. If there are no customers, then there will be no business. For this reason, you have to search for customers very precisely. Since you will work with foreign clients, you have to work on promotion and creating a good visual picture of your company and products you export. Come up with a website design and promote it on web search platforms, such as Google or social media. Facebook and Instagram can also help, depending on the products you plan to export. Mindank Technologies can help with your web design, logo design and other startup needs. Click here to contact them
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In conclussion, we believe if you can focus on this 3 things, it will be super easy to export goods from Nigeria to other countries. Also, your products can be posted on our website for global reach. Click here to submit a free ad on our marketplace

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